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Be Ready for Success

5 Easy Steps to Grooming Yourself for Success It’s always important to put your best foot forward. After all, a good first impression is the best expression, and it lasts. One good way to leave a first impression that supports your success is to start by being personally and/or professionally groomed. However, grooming for successContinue reading “Be Ready for Success”

See the Life You Want

Using Visualization to Create the Life You Want If you find yourself feeling frustrated that you aren’t living the life you desire, this article can help you move forward in the directions of your lifelong dreams. When you visualize a result in your life, you imagine what life will be like upon accomplishing that result.Continue reading “See the Life You Want”

Teach Yourself Anything

Self-Education Habits That Enable You to Teach Yourself Anything You don’t have to attend college to get a great education these days. There are so many educational materials readily available, often for free, that formal education is unnecessary in many circumstances. You can’t teach yourself to be a licensed teacher or physician, but there areContinue reading “Teach Yourself Anything”


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Hi, I’m Ms. B. Previously a Healthcare Worker, I became a full-time lifestyle blogger, author and certified, Life, Business and Relationship Coach in 2015.

When I’m not spending time with my wonderful family, I love sharing ways you and I can live a more enriched, and satisfying life!

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