Create The Life You Love Checklist

Do you want to come to a place of deep self-acceptance and self-compassion?

By practicing the following new habits, you can come to complete self-compassion and gratitude for your life. You will find yourself reaching for and living your very best life.

  1. Clear out all areas of doubt in your life.
  • Start by examining the areas

of doubt in your life.

  • Choose to clear out that doubt by taking positive action.
  • Observe the way you speak to yourself and adjust your self-talk to be self-compassionate rather than self-critical.

  • Avoid overthinking.
  • If you continue to ruminate on the past, you will not be able to be fully present.

  • Let go of regrets by learning from them, forgiving yourself, and moving forward in a positive way.

  • Let go of that little nagging voice that tells you negative things.

  • Move past social fear by practicing in-the-moment coping skills and open-mindedness.
  • Explore your community.
  • Get involved with the world around you by partaking in activities around your community.

  • Remain authentic by continuing self-compassion and allowing yourself to gain inspiration from the world around you.

  • Remain grounded in the present moment.
  • Use mindfulness to bring your awareness to the present moment.

  • Mindfulness will help your self-compassion practice grow because self-compassion comes about in the present moment.

  • Release what holds you back.
  • Let go of the resentment that you’ve held onto for years. Do forgiveness exercises to forgive these people and move on in a place of compassion.

  • Let go of the fears that keep you from taking risks and embracing your life fully.

  • Remove yourself from negative people by setting clear boundaries and sticking to them.

  • Let go of your past self.

  • Hold onto what takes you forward.
  • Having a set of values will help direct your life toward a path that leads in the direction you want to live.

  • Set goals to help you move forward, even if just a little bit, each day.

  • Get curious about spirituality and allow it to give you security and comfort.

  • Embrace your greatness. Acknowledge how wonderful you are. Appreciate your true self and your life.

To your life enrichment,


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