See the Life You Want

Using Visualization to Create the Life You Want

If you find yourself feeling frustrated that you aren’t living the life you desire, this article can help you move forward in the directions of your lifelong dreams.

When you visualize a result in your life, you imagine what life will be like upon accomplishing that result. If a specific goal you’ve clung to over the years isn’t possible for you now, read on.

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to be a doctor but now, here you are—40 and feeling like you can’t achieve the one dream you’ve always wanted. But maybe now you don’t want to spend 10 years in college studying before starting your desired career.

In similar instances, how can you create the life you want using visualization?

  1. Before visualizing, adjust what you want in life to achieve a similar result. What if you tweaked that dream a bit so you could visualize accomplishing a revised goal that will bring happiness? Using the above example, you might decide to become a registered nurse instead.

  2. You could visualize working in the same setting you wanted to before: a hospital with physicians while managing health issues with patients.
  • Be open in your quest. Visualization requires a certain mental flexibility that allows you to encompass all possibilities. What do you really want to be doing in your life? What must be done to achieve those goals?
  • Allow yourself to openly acknowledge what you crave to do with your life. When you can do this, you can better visualize your dream.

  • Write down your goals, one by one. Doing so will enrich your thoughts about what it will take to achieve your dream. Record tasks you’ll accomplish to ultimately reach your desired end result. In order for visualization to work, it’s important to know specifically what it is you’re after and the steps you must take to reach or exceed your wants.

  • Construct a mental picture. In your mind, paint a picture of the scene in which you’ll achieve a desired accomplishment.
  • Using the above example, you might imagine where you would be and what you would be doing when you receive your nursing degree. What will you wear? Who else will be present? How will you feel at that moment?

  • Have tangible representations of your dream around you. Create an area at home that represents the goal you’re striving to accomplish. Using our example, you could display a nurse’s cap, stethoscope, and banner from the local college with a nursing program on a table in your den.

  • Touch or hold the items during visualization. Possessing tangible representations of your dreams makes your goals real and will serve as daily reminders for you to pursue your goal.

  • Practice your visualization. Spend 5-10 minutes daily closing your eyes and imagining the scenes. Ensure you’re sitting in a relaxed position in a comfortable chair. Keep your dream alive by visualizing your success in achieving it.

  • The more you repeat your visualizations, the more motivated you’ll be to take action to go after your goals.

  • Each day, ask yourself, “What must I do today to create the life I desire?” Your actions coupled with your consistent visualizations will galvanize you to seek whatever it is you want in life. Reflect on how the steps you took today figure in to your goal achievement.

When you combine powerful visualizations with deliberate actions, you can have whatever you desire. Now, close your eyes and visualize.

To your best life,

Ms. B

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