The Power of Giving

The Power of Giving Brenda L. | Published October 17, 2021 Household budgets are strained and giving is more difficult than ever. Everyone is working with reduced resources and most of us feel as though we don’t have enough to enjoy our own lives. The idea of giving may seem unreasonable. But maybe now, moreContinue reading “The Power of Giving”

Become a SUCCESSFUL Healthy Lifestyle Influencer

Discover new ways to be successful in an industry you’ve grown to love and respect by taking your healthcare experience, knowledge and wisdom to a new level. You are a professional. It is time to be paid like one. Most people will not live up to their full potential. This I learned during a courseContinue reading “Become a SUCCESSFUL Healthy Lifestyle Influencer”

Personal Branding Essentials

How to Start a Personal Brand Creating a memorable personal brand is not something that happens overnight, but the work you put into it can help you reach your career or business goals. Your personal brand is the way people perceive or remember you. It’s what you are known for. Having a personal brand canContinue reading “Personal Branding Essentials”

Affirmations Reflections on Ways to Be Successful

I find a way to be successful. I believe there is always a way to be successful. Success is like solving a puzzle. There is always a solution. I am excellent at solving the puzzles I face in my life. I know that there is a solution, and I am able to find it. IContinue reading “Affirmations Reflections on Ways to Be Successful”

Wealth and Meditation

Guided Meditation: Wealth Published August 15th, 2021 In a guided meditation, your meditation session is led by an outside source – whether that’s another person or a recording you made for yourself. Also, there is a specific purpose for a guided meditation. Your goal might be to manifest something like better health, wealth, or deepContinue reading “Wealth and Meditation”

Prosperity is My Destiny

I am destined to prosper! I know that living consciously, focusing my thoughts and actions on what I value most, can only bring success, understanding and happiness. Prosperity can be achieved in many different ways, and every day I can find at least one way that I am prosperous. When I sit and reflect atContinue reading “Prosperity is My Destiny”

Emotional Intelligence

6 Skills That Will Increase Your Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence is considered a much better predictor of success than pure intelligence. In many cases, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are. You know plenty of people that possess average intelligence that are very successful. The struggling genius is quite common. There’s more to life thanContinue reading “Emotional Intelligence”

Why We Sabotage Success

Do You Unconsciously Sabotage Your Success? Perhaps This is Why Do you always seem to fall short of success? You might be unconsciously keeping yourself from reaching your goals, even when you think you really want to achieve them! Learning about self-sabotage – and your reasons for it – can help you to stop thisContinue reading “Why We Sabotage Success”

Be Ready for Success

5 Easy Steps to Grooming Yourself for Success It’s always important to put your best foot forward. After all, a good first impression is the best expression, and it lasts. One good way to leave a first impression that supports your success is to start by being personally and/or professionally groomed. However, grooming for successContinue reading “Be Ready for Success”